Do you want to write a book? Maybe you have been thinking about a book idea for the last several years, or maybe your new venture has inspired an idea, but you know there is a book in there somewhere. If only someone could provide the extra time, energy, or focus for getting the book written.

We can do just that!

Writing a Book IS Work

It can take as many as 120 to write your book, and writing is only the first step in getting across the finish line. Once the first draft is finished, then begins the crafting work of editing and rewriting.

But it can be done and you don’t have to go it alone.

We share tips, insights, and guides to get your book written – all in a way that will work for you.

Do you have a story to share but are not able to take the time to get it written? Let’s work together to get your words down and make your story available. See the “we write for you” options below.

Completed for You

This is a complete project based solely on your outline (written or spoken). The ghostwriter creates the story from observation, conversations, and notes – up to 40,000 words.

 Three edits for content, copy, and flow

  • One rewrite from edit notes
  • One sub-edit review
  • One rewrite from your notes
  • One complete manuscript
  • One rewrite from sub-edit notes

$24,000 (1/4 due at the launch of the project; remaining due in payments upon completion of each draft manuscript; first draft (1/4); 1st edit rewrite (1/4); final edit rewrite (1/4).

Completed with You

If you have the words in multiple forms and just need help getting them together, this is the path for you. Utilizing your notes, your transcripts, and your research, the ghostwriter puts together a complete and professionally polished product ready for the next step (up to 40,000 words).

  • One complete manuscript
  • One rewrite from your notes
  • One sub-edit
  • One rewrite from sub-edit notes

$12,000 (1/4 at the launch of the project; remaining balance due in payments upon completion of the manuscript (1/4), rewrite (1/4), sub-edit (1/4)


This is the continuation or completion of your work in progress – taking your existing manuscripts, journals, thoughts, or ideas the ghostwriter will work directly with you to rewrite and co-write a complete project (up to 40,000 words).

  • One complete manuscript
  • One rewrite from your notes

$8,000 (one-half due at launch of the project; 1/4 due after completion of the first draft; with remaining 1/4 due upon acceptance of rewrite)



The first step to creating your book will be your outline.
Working from the information you provide, the outline will be a roadmap for completing your eBook – complete – with section and chapter title ideas.

From the outline, you can create your eBook, presentations, or full print book. Or we can do all of that for you.

What You Will Get

  • evaluation of current content
  • creation of an eBook OUTLINE only

Only $500 (US)

How it helps:

Your outline will be specific to your voice and your content. It will provide you with direction and help you keep the focus you need for creating your words. Having an outline allows you to visualize how to flip your existing words into a new platform to expand the use and reach of your words.

eBook Creation

You receive all of the Tier 1 benefits. Once the outline is approved, your outline and content will be worked into your unique and polished eBook manuscript.

What MORE You Will Receive

  • 1 – complete manuscript (up to 15,000 words – length of eBook will be related to the content provided by the client).
  • 1 – up to a 60-minute consult to review the manuscript
  • 1 – rewrite from your notes after the review consultation
  • 1 – professionally edited and formatted manuscript

$2,850 (US)

To get started, make the initial installment of only $950 (US); the 2nd installment of $950 (US) after the outline is approved; the final installment of $950 (US) is due after the first draft of the eBook is delivered.

How it helps:

Your eBook can be a powerful lead magnet or it can be an income producer when offered for sale through your website or other digital formats. An eBook can also help to establish your authority on the topic.

eBook PLUS

You will receive all of the Tier 2 benefits, all of the Tier 1 benefits, plus a personalized marketing plan. Put your eBook to work for you. We’ll create blog posts, social media posts, and branded memes for you to share across platforms.

What MORE You Will Receive

  • 4 blog posts to highlight the eBook content (min. 450 words for each post)
  • 12 social media posts to be customized to fit your desired platform
  • 12 branded memes (based on your book) customized to fit your desired platform

$5000 (US)

To get started, make the initial installment of $2000 (US); the second installment of $1500 (US) is due after the outline is completed; the final installment of $1500 (US) due after the first draft of the eBook is completed.

How it helps:

Put your words to work. Having branded content to match and promote your eBook adds to your brand recognition.

Monthly Content Support

Keep the content flowing so you can keep the relationships growing with your readers and potential clients.

What You Will Receive

  • 1 monthly branded article to be shared on a format other than your website (to expand your reach)
  • 4 unique branded memes
  • 4 social media blubs
  • Up to 10 tweets – connected to each blog post or article (written by you on your website) – for you to share on your Twitter feed.

Monthly subscription of only $600 (US)


When you subscribe to one year of content support you will get a FREE customized eBook! Your eBook can lead you to your qualified customers.

Creators Delight

Your words – repurposed for your needs. Utilizing your recordings we transcribe, format, and create a compilation product (up to 35,000 words).

  • Blog post/summary of each recording (6 episodes or up to 6 hours)
  • Expansion of posts to section/chapter for use in a book
  • Full manuscript draft based on your notes from expansions
  • Sub-edit by an in-house editor
  • Up to 6 Bonus/lead magnets (one from each episode)

$20,000 (1/5 at the launch of the project with the remaining balance due in payments: upon completion of posts (1/5); sub-edit (1/5); re-write (1/5); format for print and eBook publishing (final 1/5).



Most ghostwriting projects will take three to six months to complete.

Every project is unique. If your project has special circumstances or needs, please email with your requirements and we will put together a package that will work for you.

Paypal buttons are provided for your convenience. If you prefer to pay through other methods you can email us or call 256-582-8472 and speak with Kathy.