Growing HOPE with Kathryn Lang

What does Growing HOPE do?

Growing HOPE invests words that will grow up Hearts Open to Pursue the Extraordinary.

Growing HOPE works with individuals, organizations, and committees to recognize and utilize all unique qualities.

Growing HOPE encourages the pursuit of purpose and out of the box living.

Growing HOPE was seeded into the heart of Kathryn Lang from an early age. Kathryn Lang has always believed in the potential of others, the power of positive thoughts and words, and the strength that comes from HOPE.


    To create paths that make a way for Hearts to be Open to Pursue the Extraordinary.
    To develop and ignite HOPE in hearts and minds


    To lift up, stir up, and cheer up the Children of God
    To bring out HOPE and courage in the hearts I encounter
    To peel back the complexities and chaos of the world to reveal the simplicity of original design
    To grow up foundational strengths that provide an anchor for the storms
    To ignite motivation that gives rise to faith