Congratulations! You have a completed book. Now what? Let us help you reach the world with the words you have created. Remember, our goal at Peculiar Productions is to provide you with the tools you need to reach your defined success. The next stop is assistance in promoting a quality product.

While Peculiar Productions, LLC is a consultant company and not a publishing company, we are here for continued support of your journey so that you retain control of your rights.

The Complete Indie Promotional Package provides you with:

  • Letter to sponsor/partner inquiry
  • Ad created on Peculiar Production web site with link to your personal website
  • Website creation for your books, gifts and products with media kit for site and print flier
  • Poster “ x “ (with contact information, 8” x 10” head shot, cover art prints, gifts)
  • Audio spots- 2 @ :30 and 1 @ 1:00 commercials
  • Video spots- 1 @ :30 and 1 @ 1:00 trailers
  • Audio book

This complete Indie Publishing Package will take you through the full process of promoting your book. You now have a product that is professionally and uniquely designed for you. Let us continue the process with you. Again, if you have sources for some of these, then we can work out a package that will meet your needs.

Complete Indie Promotional Package – only $2000.00

Purchase your Indie Promotional Package today for $800.00 down. The next payment of $400.00 will be billed to you after website creation. Another payment of $400.00 will be billed after audio spots are cut. The final payment of $400.00 will be billed after the project is complete. By clicking the buy now button you agree to the billing process.



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