Live Your Peculiar Life

It’s your journey. We know that you can live your unique design and purpose: 1. Love God so you have the focus you need to walk in this world; 2. Owe no man – because you will be weighted won by the worries of the world when you owe others; 3. Live bold in purpose – when you put God first and are positioned to focus on God then you will uncover your unique self and once that is revealed it all becomes possible.

You are designed on purpose and for a purpose. When you define the purpose, map out a path to the purpose, and then take your intentional steps into the purpose you will bring your BIG DREAMS to life.

Dare to dream big and live bold in them!

How We Help You Live Your Dreams

Becoming a Writer with Pecu
You have a story to tell and we help you tell it. Whether you are struggling to complete your first manuscript, looking for help with publishing, or looking for someone to compile (or compose) the words for you, we have a plan to fit your needs.
keys to building success with pecu
Connect with others. Build on the connections.
It’s all about relationships! Everything worth having, worth doing, and worth being stands on the foundation of relationships. Join the Peculiar Club – where creatives gather to feel less weird because being normal is over-rated.

Keep learning with pecuTake a Class. Join a Webinar. Attend an event.
We help you expand your possibilities. Never stop learning or growing. The journey to writing success requires continued investment in gaining new insight and finding new ideas. We offer a range of coaching services and courses.

Our Courses

26 Days to Build Your Writing Success

Growing into a successful writer takes work and determination. The more people that wade into the pond, the more challenging the journey. Learning the ABC’s of writing can give you the edge to reach that success.

For the next 26 days, you will be challenged to push beyond where you are right now and to begin reaching to the writing success that you desire. Follow along and take time to do the challenges and assignments that will help you get to where you want to be.

Get the ABC’s of Writing

The best part of the writing journey is that your journey is unique to you. That means for each step we will be taking together, you have the opportunity to make that step your own.

Act – do something.

Believe – settle the dream deep into your heart.

Challenge – go beyond your comfort zone.

Dream – capture the imagination.

Expand – grow knowledge and skills.

Foster – care for relationships (because it’s all about relationships).

Give – offer something to someone every day.

Help – reach out to others.

Invest – make more of what you have.

Jolt – give it little more.

Know – have a plan for you.

Learn – develop a hunger for knowledge.

Motivate – encourage others.

Nurture – provide the tools for continuing.

Organize – get your act together.

Press On – persistence will win the day.

Question – thing about the reason for doing something.

Re-evaluate – review your plan.

Study – research and search the internet.

Trust – build a bond with others and with yourself.

Utilize – take advantage of every tool available (even if you don’t think it’s the best tool).

Value – create words that others see as worth the effort.

Write – put words down every day.

Xanadu – find your happy place.

Yield – produce some fruit.

Zip – put it all together in a package.

These twenty-six lessons to drive you closer to the place you want to be with your writing. Each step will help you define your path and take action for intentional purpose. Are you ready and willing to take the challenge and begin pursuing that purpose with boldness?

Building the Perfect Spouse

Sometimes you want to have the perfect spouse. Other times you just want to get through the day without screaming. Always you are interested in creating the relationship that will provide peace and joy.

If only you could snap your fingers, twinkle your nose, or wave your wand and make things the way you want them to be.

Change runs deeper.

Changing others begins with changing the heart, the mind, and the attitude of yourself. Each investment you make in the better you makes room for the better person your spouse is designed to be.

You can have the perfect spouse. You simply have to make the choice to implement eight secrets to make it so.

Over the next nine weeks, we will apply the principles from The Husband Whisperer and let those principles create new habits to make a big difference.

  • Week One – Encouragement
  • Week Two – Words
  • Week Three – All About Me
  • Week Four – Issues
  • Week Five – Not Him
  • Week Six – Whining
  • Week Seven – Just Do It
  • Week Eight – Grow to God
  • Week Nine – Review and Renew

Begin to take the actions that will grow up the perfect spouse . . . or at least change the way you see your spouse.

9 Weeks to Write Your Book

Pecu the Peculiar Platypus

You’ve thought about it. You’ve dreamed about it. You’ve talked about it.

Now is the time to make it happen.

Tell your story

In one semester, you will turn your idea into your book. One word a time, one little bit at a time, you will craft the story you want to tell.

Each week, you will work through the process of writing the words while building the momentum so you will have a completed manuscript that you can get published (or publish on your own).


Map it out – what are you writing (genre/focus), who are your writing (character sketches), where will it go (rough outline)


Define your target reader – detailed description of who you are writing TO


Create a writing plan – a business plan tilted to your focus on writing


Think about publishing paths – indie, hybrid, traditional


Plan your writing platform – website, social media, in-person events


Consider copyrights


Consider Alpha and Beta readers


Discuss rewriting process and review filler words and phrases


Work through editing techniques, editing types, and the benefits of hiring professionals (along with costs)

Harness Your Why Intro

Start down the path to your WHY:

  • Why are you here?
  • Why this moment in time?
  • Why this place?

You are unique in all the world. You are designed with intention and to fulfill a place in God’s purpose where only you can fit. You are not a square peg in a round world. Instead, you are a perfectly crafted instrument of purpose.

It’s not an accident or mishap. It is thoughtfully crafted excellence for such a time as this. Each step you take down your path to why brings you closer to all you are designed to be.

HINT: It’s WAY more than you can even begin to image.

From the start, a heartseed was planted in you (that seed of possibility and purpose put into you at the beginning of time) that was designed to be nurtured and grown-up into all your unique possibilities. Like all seeds, it only reaches its full potential when it is cared for in the way that it needs.

So, it is up to you to uncover, unlock, and unleash the heartseed potential waiting inside you.

Over the next four lessons, you will take your first steps down your path to why. You will learn more about yourself, about all that is crafted in you, and then with that understanding, you will formulate the nurturing plan specific to your unique heartseed.

WhiteBoard of World Domination

WhiteBoard of World Domination helps you find your focus

Finding balance in this world of chaos and spinning plates challenges the most determined. When one more thing piles on, it all comes crashing down.

World domination? How about day to day survival?

Nothing steals energy faster than feeling unbalanced and that will send you into a spiral. Each person has a unique situation and finding balance in that situation is key.

The White Board of World Domination system helps you harness the chaos and define your rules so you can take control of life one bite-sized little bit at a time.

Eight Steps for World Domination:

Create Your World Domination
  1. Time Audit
  2. Determine priorities
  3. Define anchor
  4. Capture vision
  5. Set BIG DREAM goals
  6. Develop objectives and strategies
  7. Break down to bite-sized tasks
  8. Wrap it up in a flexible schedule

Are you ready to dominate your world?

Unlock Your Heartseed – the Purpose Defining Passion

It has been said, “Find what you love to do and you will never work a day in your life.”

And then you run into reality – where you have to make the money to pay the bills to get through life.

At Peculiar Productions, we have seen firsthand how you can take what you love and turn it from a passion into your profession. Put another way, you can do what you love and get paid in the process.

The key is understanding your uniqueness and how that unique design can work to benefit others.

This world is a stormy place – yes, a dark and stormy place – and we are here to be a safe haven in the storm and a launching point for your independent writing career.

Are you ready to live in purpose and on purpose?