Empowering You to Live in Purpose

It's your journey.

You are designed on purpose and for a purpose. When you define the purpose, map out a path to the purpose, and then take your intentional steps into the purpose you will bring your BIG DREAMS to life.

Dare to dream big and live bold in them!

How We Help You Live Your Dreams

Becoming a Writer with Pecu
You have a story to tell and we help you tell it. Whether you are struggling to complete your first manuscript, looking for help with publishing, or looking for someone to compile (or compose) the words for you, we have a plan to fit your needs.
keys to building success with pecu
It’s all about relationships! Everything worth having, worth doing, and worth being stands on the foundation of relationships. Join the Peculiar Club – where creatives gather to feel less weird because being normal is over-rated.

Keep learning with pecuWe help you expand your possibilities. Never stop learning or growing. The journey to writing success requires continued investment in gaining new insight and finding new ideas. We offer a range of coaching services and courses.

Our Courses


26 Days to Build Your Writing Success

You can build your writing success in only 26 days but developing the habits, the focus, and the vision to reach your writing dreams.

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Building the Perfect Spouse

Do you want the perfect spouse? With these eight steps, you will unlock the secrets to having the spouse of your dreams.

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Pecu the Peculiar Platypus

9 Weeks to Write Your Book

Write your book in only 9 weeks - yes, you read that right. With this course, you find your focus and rhythm to build a habit of writing.

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Harness Your Why Intro

Learn your purpose by unlocking the heartseed - the passion and uniqueness planted in you at the beginning of time.

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WhiteBoard of World Domination helps you find your focus

WhiteBoard of World Domination

Are you looking for balance and focus? The White Board of World Domination lets you define your rules so you can take control of life one little bit at a time.

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Unlock Your Heartseed - the Purpose Defining Passion

It has been said, "Find what you love to do and you will never work a day in your life."

And then you run into reality - where you have to make the money to pay the bills to get through the life.

At Peculiar Productions, we have seen firsthand how you can take what you love and turn it from a passion into your profession. Put another way, you can do what you love and get paid in the process.

The key is understanding your uniqueness and how that uniqune design can work to benefit others.

This world is a stormy place – yes, a dark and stormy place - and we are here to be a safe haven in the storm and a launching point for your independent writing career.

Are you ready to live in purpose and on purpose?