12 Steps for Book Writing Success

You can be 12 steps away from your book writing success. If you’ll define them and take them then you’ll reach your goals. It begins with how you define your why, followed by the creation of your unique plan, and then takes off with your words. 

Several years ago, I attended a writing event to learn about building book writing success. The next year, I returned to learn more and to push to the next level. And then the next year, I was back for more.

Each year, I learned more about building my success and I moved a little closer to that success.

And each year, I encountered some of the same people still talking about writing the book of their dreams.

Most people would love to have a best-selling book. A few people are willing to start writing those books. Almost none believe so much in their book dream that they don’t stop until they get there.

You can be one of those that live the dream when you take the steps to live it out.

12 Steps to Book Writing Success

  1. Know why
  2. Define your success
  3. Build the relationships
  4. Develop a plan
  5. Map the idea
  6. Learn the characters
  7. Set the time
  8. Write the story
  9. Read your story
  10. Rewrite the words
  11. Invest in editors
  12. Build your pitches

Step One: Know Why

Knowing why you are writing will be vital to continuing the process. Writing can be challenging under the best of circumstances, but knowing your unique why makes it a little easier to do.

Step Two: Define Your Success

You have to define what success means to you and what it looks like for you. If you don’t define your success then you give the world permission to define it for you – and that leaves you at the mercy of othe rules others have set.

Step Three: Build the Relationships

Even before you start writing, you want to begin building your platforms and connecting with your fans. You can create social profiles or build up your website to begin developing those relationships.

Step Four: Develop a Plan

You want to figure out a plan for writing your book that will work for you. It doesn’t matter how good the plan. If you don’t work it then it’s not good for you.

Step Five: Map Out Your Idea

Whether you write from the seat of your pants or you methodically outline your characters, you need to create a way to follow your story line and write out the words.

Step Six: Learn the Characters

Get to know the people that will be included in your story. Character sheets for role playing games are a great place to start building up your people focus.

Step Seven: Set the Time

Block out time to write. If you don’t make writing a priority then you will make excuses to do other things than write. Set time daily to write – even a few minutes a day – and then guard that time.

Step Eight: Write Your Story

Write your story until you get to the end. If you try to perfect the content while you write then you’ll stay caught in a cycle of editing instead of drawing a line to the finish.

Step Nine: Ready Your Story

Once you finish writing your story, read your story as a fan. What do you love about the story? What do you not like about the story? What do you wish was in the story?

Step Ten: Rewrite the Words

Go through after the read and make any additions or corrections. Look through for overused phrases or words and make adjustments. Cut unnecessary words to make the writing crisp.

Step Eleven: Invest in Editors

Get others to look at your words. The more eyes that review your manuscript the tighter your finished product can become.

Step Twelve: Frame Your Words

Create blurbs, short pitches, and pulled quotes that honor the essence of your story. You will use these to create the back of your book, to drive the development of your cover, and to craft ads and social media posts to promote your books.

Reaching your book writing success is within your grip once you make a plan and take the intentional actions to get there.

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