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12 Steps for Writing and Publishing Your Book

Steps to help you create your dream of publishing your book.

It all begins with the words. Building a successful writing career requires that you write. Most people would love to have a best-selling book. Some people who have that dream are willing to write the book to see it happen. Only a few of those who write the book are then willing to invest the time, energy, and resources it takes to create a book that will have readers shouting its praises.

These are the steps you need to take to be one of the few. Are you ready?

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Writing And Publishing in 12 Steps

  1. Know why – Why are you writing this book? Knowing your why will give you the momentum to keep going.
  2. Set a plan – Determine what you will do to make your book a reality. Include what actions you will take and what you will give up.
  3. Develop the idea – Learn what the industry is utilizing, but more importantly, learn what you are growing in your own heart. Passion will beat out the industry when paired with persistence.
  4. Write the idea – Most people have a book in them, but only a few write that book down. So WRITE! Remember your book happens when you write one word.
  5. Get invested in the book – Learn the characters. Cut out pictures or make sketches of the characters. Take pictures that remind you of the locations. Learn all that you can about the book, and you will begin to understand the actions and behaviors of the characters.
  6. Read the book – Go through the book multiple times, in multiple ways (looking for grammar errors, looking for flow issues, reading aloud, etc.). Each pass will help you create a better experience for future readers.
  7. Find a content editor – You need someone who can help you find flaws in your storyline, in your sentence structure, and even in the basic ideas of the book. This would be one of those places where you might want to make an investment.
  8. Find a copy editor – A new set of eyes needs to look for any layout issues. You will need to do this for each version of the book (print and electronic).
  9. Find beta readers – It helps to have three or four people who are willing to read the book proof and share any issues. The content editors and copy editors will have flushed out most of the issues.
  10. Create a synopsis of the book – You need to be able to tell enough of the story in two or three paragraphs to make a reader want to take the step of buying the book.
  11. Create a cover – Readers WILL judge a book by its cover, so invest wisely in this area. It should portray the essence of the book and create a sense of urgency to open the cover.
  12. Develop a strong back blurb – after the cover, the back blurb can be the only chance you have to sell a reader on your book. Utilize the synopsis but work to create one line that will hold the reader’s attention and imagination.

The writing of your book only begins the process of publication. No matter which track you take – traditional, indie, or vanity publishing – the journey has only started. Traditional publishing requires an agent (or a backdoor to a publishing house through a personal relationship). But no matter which path you go down, there are a few things that will hold true for all areas of publishing.

You can write your boo. All you have to do is define your way and then write it until you’re done. Your writing and publishing path is just one step away.

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