Peculiar Productions, LLC

Peculiar Productions

Our Mission

  • We help you turn your passion into a profession
  • We provide a place for creatives to gather and feel less weird.

We are here to work with you to define your unique passion, put together a plan for purpose, and develop the habits of consistency.

Our Services

Purpose Coaching (find your why)
Book Coaching (get your book written)
Indie Publishing
Ghost Writing (book and eBook development)
Promotions Development

Building through Relationships

The more Peculiar Productions grows, the more the value of relationships, connections, and engagement becomes obvious to all those involved.

“We are here to love God and to love each other. The rest of what we do needs to fall into one of these two categories.” Keith Lang has used this focus while teaching in a public school, acting on stage, and standing in the pulpit leading a church. “It’s not about me other than me being a conduit to touch the hearts of others.”

Be Part of the Peculiar Club

We want to connect with you and then we want to be in a position to help you in your journey.

You are unique. We want to work with you to uncover your uniqueness and then create a plan that will let you build on your uniqueness and find the profession that fits within those skillsets. Are you ready to experience a life beyond normal?

At Peculiar Productions, we know the struggle. We have been THROUGH the struggle. We are a group of writers, editors, graphic designers, and encouragers that have walked the path strewn with words.

This world is a stormy place – yes, a dark and stormy place. We are here to be a safe haven in the storm and a launching point for your independent writing career.

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