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Seeing the Light - sunset and moon together

Here, let me help. What do you see, light… or dark? Is it pitch black, dusk, dawn, or high noon? Are you finding your way, fumbling along, or forever lost? How’s your plan? What’s your purpose? First, you need to open your eyes.

We have believed the great lie of the adversary, that he does not exist. His power was undone when Jesus died on the cross, defeated death, and rose again. The Truth, the Way, and the Life set us free from darkness. Christ is the light of the world shining from the right hand of God while speaking on our behalf.

Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy. Jesus came to give life abundant. The choice is ours. Choose wisely.

Life abundant - from John 10:10

What the Darkness Shows

I stumbled around in darkness most of my life and never even knew it. Seeing the light was sometimes caused by blinders set by others. Some were due to circumstances or situations. Unfortunately, some were placed intentionally by me. Let’s remove those blinders.

I was given away before I was even born. Overcoming the adversity of being a by-product of the Sixties was not my strong suit. My adoptive parents loved me very much but were taught to be negative-minded. I, in turn, was taught to find the worst first. The worst is darkness. Without the light, you will remain wandering aimlessly eternally.

School days were not filled with encouragement either. The Me Decade of the Seventies was not for me. Being the youngest and smallest of my class did not help. Though I always fought for the underdog, most chose the mighty, right or wrong. The battle from without slowly overcame the battle within.

Grouping myself together with many misfits of the Eighties on a path of self-destruction, I somehow survived the Decade of excess. Though I wore the weight of hurts, habits and hangups, I still clung to clarity of one moment of wisdom. It shines even more today. Please, let it shine in, on and through you, too.

Making the Shift

Not until I married my high school sweetheart after college, and we had our first of three children, did I begin to search out the light I first found years before. A local church hosted a pizza party after our high school football game. I’ve no memory of what was said, but when they offered an altar call, I walked the aisle. I gave my life to Christ. Though it was another decade before following in the footsteps of Christ, there is no doubt it’s why I am still alive.

But now what? Let me share the steps I wish someone had walked me through when I found faith.

Simple Steps for Seeing the Light

First, believe in the one true God.

Accept His Son Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Confess your sins to Him, ask forgiveness, and repent. Turn away from sin and follow in the selfless example of Christ. Along the way, let the Holy Spirit lead you.

How, you ask? Love God, love others. Read God’s Word daily and pray with Him daily. Then, share His word with others and pray with them, for them and any others in need, including you. You’ve already taken the most important step. Now step into The Abundant Life.

Next, see through the eyes of Love.

Use His Word and all that prayer to look through the eyes of God deep into yourself. Find your gifts and talents, then put them to use in His purpose through your passion. Become the person you were created to be, doing what you were created to, long before you were even born.

Overwhelming? Removing blinders and stepping into the light is like that. The Abundant Life program leads you through in little bits, successfully sized tasks that create within you the Christian lifestyle and a right relationship with God in a 24-week course. Rinse and repeat every six months to be eternally blessed. Oh, and you’ll find yourself wanting to share all of it with others as you go.

Surprise, you are applying everything you have learned already. You are already becoming a new creature with a heart of flesh instead of stone. Once you love God, love others and know your now what, you will find yourself on the Go. You will share the heartseed of purpose, the steps to follow and full- blown lifestyle over and over again.

Seeing the Light is a Choice

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are doing their part. The question is, will you do yours?

Open your eyes. Remove the blinders. Become who you were created to be. Live The Abundant Life!


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