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Book Writing Tips that Work

Utilizing simple book writing tips will help you get your manuscript completed.

“I have a great idea for a book.” Every author – no matter where they are in the journey – had been approached by someone who offers this wonderful declaration. Everyone seems to have the great idea for a book, but not everyone has the desire to write the book.

National Novel Writing Month – fondly known as #NaNoWriMo (or nano for short) – has millions of people with great ideas that want to write a book. But even those that desire to write the book can struggle with getting the words on the paper. Those that do start to write their books will hit a wall that keeps them from the end.

The difference between the idea and the finished manuscript is the willingness to write a word and to keep writing words until the story is told.

If you have an idea for a book then make the choice to write the idea to the end.

Outline Ideas for Book Writing

  • Start with an outline on cards. Write down scene ideas on index cards of one color, character sketches on a different color, and engagement ideas as well. Sort them out into chapters as you go.
  • Create an outline on a software app or other system. Get as detailed as possible so that you’ll have a map to drive the words especially during the low energy times.
  • Do a rough sketch outline. Pantser writers – those that like to write by the seat of their pants – don’t tend to like outlines. A simple list of chapter ideas can help even the pantser stay on target.

The outline for a book can be as detailed or loose but having an outline will make it easier for you to write your book.

Simple Writing Tips to Get the Words Done

  • Create a place to write. A designated space will help you get into a habit of writing out the words. The only way you will ever get the words written is when you make the words a priority.
  • Make time for writing. The most important part of writing is to write. No matter how much you want to write a book, until you put words down the want will be a dream. Nobody ever wrote a book without writing a word (or hiring a ghostwriter to put the words to paper).
  • Capture the moments. Take advantage of the little pieces of time you’ll find during the day. Use the time between meetings, waiting for events to end, or during commercial breaks. Write as many words as you can during those moments.
  • Connect with others. Meet up with others to write together or to challenge each other with word dash situations or word wars (set a timer for a set number of minutes and see who can write the most words).
  • Keep writing. Write one word. Write another word. And keep writing those words until you are done writing. Tell the story, one word at a time, until your story is told.

The reason most people never write a book is that most people never start the story. Of those few who do start don’t keep going. The best writing tips to get the words done are the simplest ideas. Write your story and keep writing your story until it’s finish.

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