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Breakdown Your Time to Breakthrough to Possibility

You can’t make more time, but you can make more of the time you have. You need to recognize you have the time. You need to define your strengths and focus. And you need to make the choice to take action.

    • 85% working in areas of your strength
    • 10% doing what has to be done for success (but it not necessarily your strength)
    • 5% what you want

Thom Rigsby, the Unashamed Non-Conformist, shared this break down he learned from Dan Miller’s “48 Days to the Work You Love.”

It started me down a thought path. Exactly how much time does that give me to work in areas of my strength?

The Breakdown

So, we start the day with 24 hours – or 1440 minutes.

Subtract 10% of that to give to God in study and prayer.

That leaves us with 1296 minutes in the day.

Breakdown time for time management

You will have to sleep, so take off another 8 hours (or 480 minutes) to leave us with 816 minutes.

You will also have to eat, so take off an additional 3 hours for meal breaks. That leaves us with 636 minutes every day – or roughly 10.6 hours.

If you spend 85% of that time working in your strength, you will be using 540.6 minutes focused on your unique passion and design (or nine hours every day).

You will still have a full hour to work on things that must be done (but not that are particularly your strengths) and also a half hour every day to do what you want to do (and it can’t be a coincidence that 30 minutes is the perfect nap length).

You can work full time and still have time in your day to pursue your heartseed – even if your “full-time” job is caring for the kids, home schooling, or keeping the house.

When you break it down into the minutes, then you have to wonder what is really holding you back from pursuing your heartseed.

Once you recognize you have the time then you can begin using the time you have to pursue the dreams you want to live.

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Trouble Taming Time

You can have the time you need when you discover your keys to taming the time. Kathryn Lang built a full-time writing business while homeschooling three boys and helping care for her ailing FIL. She has practiced time taming and is ready to help you find your way to take control of the rampaging beast.


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