26 Days to Build Your Writing Success

Growing into a successful writer takes work and determination. The more people that wade into the pond, the more challenging the journey. Learning the ABC’s of writing can give you the edge to reach that success.

For the next 26 days, you will be challenged to push beyond where you are right now and to begin reaching to the writing success that you desire. Follow along and take time to do the challenges and assignments that will help you get to where you want to be.

Get the ABC’s of Writing

The best part of the writing journey is that your journey is unique to you. That means for each step we will be taking together, you have the opportunity to make that step your own.

Act – do something.

Believe – settle the dream deep into your heart.

Challenge – go beyond your comfort zone.

Dream – capture the imagination.

Expand – grow knowledge and skills.

Foster – care for relationships (because it’s all about relationships).

Give – offer something to someone every day.

Help – reach out to others.

Invest – make more of what you have.

Jolt – give it little more.

Know – have a plan for you.

Learn – develop a hunger for knowledge.

Motivate – encourage others.

Nurture – provide the tools for continuing.

Organize – get your act together.

Press On – persistence will win the day.

Question – thing about the reason for doing something.

Re-evaluate – review your plan.

Study – research and search the internet.

Trust – build a bond with others and with yourself.

Utilize – take advantage of every tool available (even if you don’t think it’s the best tool).

Value – create words that others see as worth the effort.

Write – put words down every day.

Xanadu – find your happy place.

Yield – produce some fruit.

Zip – put it all together in a package.

These twenty-six lessons to drive you closer to the place you want to be with your writing. Each step will help you define your path and take action for intentional purpose. Are you ready and willing to take the challenge and begin pursuing that purpose with boldness?