8 weeks to write

You only need 8 weeks to write your book.

You’ve thought about it. You’ve dreamed about it. You’ve talked about it.

Now is the time to make it happen.

A book lives inside the heart of everyone around. Some people will take the time to begin writing out the story, but the words fade and interest gets lost. Others will continue writing until the story finds its end, only to tuck it away in the dark drawer of a desk to be discovered (and likely discarded) by someone down the road. A limited few will keep that story out in the light – tending it until it can stand against the world on its own.

Give your story life.

Tips for Writing Your Book

1. Write – It is really that simple. A writer must write.

2. Rewrite – The end is only the beginning.

3. Edit – Review the manuscript for spelling errors, words used incorrectly, and changes in tense (just to name a few).

4. Share – Get different eyes to read your manuscript. You may want to consider a professional critique, or you may have an acquaintance who will be open and honest. Be open to what four or five others have to say about the words you hold so dear.

5. One more time – Read your revised, edited, and reviewed manuscript one more time as a reader not as the author.

Write for the long haul. Invest the time into developing characters and plots that will make readers want to invest time in your words. You can write that book that has been stirring your heart. You have it in you (who knows, you may have already written it). To reach that destination you must first, and above all else, WRITE.

For $97, you can have your book finished in just 8 weeks.

Now Sure What to Write?

This free resource can help you review your existing content to see what resonates with your target market and also to evaluate your existing content.

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What You’ll Get In Your 8-Week Course

In one semester, you will turn your idea into your book. One word at a time, one little bit at a time, you will craft the story you want to tell.

Each week, you will work through the process of writing the words. At the same time, you’re crafting your story, you will be building the foundation so you to send your book out into the marketplace – either as an independently published book or as a queried product to send to agents.

Each week will focus on a different aspect of writing and marketing your book.


Map it out – what are you writing (genre/focus), who are your writing (character sketches), where will it go (rough outline)


Define your target reader – detailed description of who you are writing TO


Create a writing plan – a business plan tilted to your focus on writing


Think about publishing paths – indie, hybrid, traditional


Plan your writing platform – website, social media, in-person events


Consider copyrights


Consider Alpha and Beta readers


Discuss the rewriting process and review filler words and phrases


Work through editing techniques, editing types, and the benefits of hiring professionals (along with costs)

Would you prefer to work with a coach through the process of writing your book?