Building the Perfect Spouse

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Sometimes you want to have the perfect spouse. Other times you just want to get through the day without screaming. Always you are interested in creating the relationship that will provide peace and joy.

If only you could snap your fingers, twinkle your nose, or wave your wand and make things the way you want them to be.

Change runs deeper.

Changing others begins with changing the heart, the mind, and the attitude of yourself. Each investment you make in the better you makes room for the better person your spouse is designed to be.

You can have the perfect spouse. You simply have to make the choice to implement eight secrets to make it so.

Over the next nine weeks, we will apply the principles from The Husband Whisperer and let those principles create new habits to make a big difference.

  • Week One – Encouragement
  • Week Two – Words
  • Week Three – All About Me
  • Week Four – Issues
  • Week Five – Not Him
  • Week Six – Whining
  • Week Seven – Just Do It
  • Week Eight – Grow to God
  • Week Nine – Review and Renew

Begin to take the actions that will grow up the perfect spouse . . . or at least change the way you see your spouse.

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