WhiteBoard of World Domination helps you find your focus

Is chaos in control of your world? Are you caught in the hamster wheel of life – going at full speed but only spinning the wheel until you stumble and the wheel is spinning you? Do you want to get it all done but you aren’t even sure what might be involved in your all to start with?

The White Board of World Domination helps you harness the chaos, get off the wheel, and define your rules so you can take control of life one bite-sized piece at a time. I’m Kathryn Lang and I developed the White Board of World Domination from my own chaotic years trying to balance work from home, homeschooling three boys, maintain a three-acre show garden, and helping sick family members – and all without losing my mind . . . well, most days.

The key for me was keeping it simple and tackling little bits at a time – because simple is easier and little bits add up to big differences. So, we are keeping it simple – four steps and four squares – and I’ll be with you through the whole process.

Eight Steps for World Domination:

Create Your World Domination
  1. Time Audit
  2. Determine priorities
  3. Define anchor
  4. Capture vision
  5. Set BIG DREAM goals
  6. Develop objectives and strategies
  7. Break down to bite-sized tasks
  8. Wrap it up in a flexible schedule

WhiteBoard of World Domination