Define Success and Find Peace

Define success and find peace was the focus of He Said She Said LIVE for August 3, 2022. He asked how do you define success and she asked how do you find peace. Keith and Kathy take turns answering the questions and enjoying the journey of hearing each other’s answers.

He Says:

Our talks are always good because we know each other so well. Kathy and I support the points made, give personal examples of them, and suggest how viewers can use them beneficially. Negatives are, hopefully, turned into positives – if there are negatives.

Quotes used seem to come from our personal walks. We aren’t just filling time, we’re looking for our “heartseeds” (as Kathy says). We share helps and hurts so others benefit from both.

We all ponder life’s mysteries, how to define success, and what brings peace. Sometimes we have answers. Sometimes not. You should know life is a journey and only One has ever made it through without getting lost a time or two . . . or a hundred plus times of getting lost (sharing for a friend).

INXS sang that we could fly because we all had wings, but they also reminded us that some of us didn’t know why. Kathy and I fill in each other’s blanks. We hope to do the same with you. Please know we’re trying to answer our own whys every day. We may not fully know who we are, but we do know Whose we are.

Love God and love others. Everything else is the opportunity to do these two.

He Said She Said - Defining Success and Finding Peace

Love God and love others. Everything else is the opportunity to do these two.

She Says:

This is your journey. 

Define Success

It’s tough sometimes when you are sharing with someone you know so well and you want to push them in the right direction. And you know they NEED pushing.

But it turns out that when we push people, even in the “right” direction, it ends up wrong. 

We each have to define success and then pursue it in our unique way. I can help and encourage you, but if I try to push you then most likely I will only succeed in pushing you away.

Define success for yourself. Let others define their success. And with success defined you can begin to build success by determining your road less traveled.

Define Success.
Build on success by determining your road less traveled.

The more you understand your unique path, the easier it becomes to stand in peace. When you know where you want to do and you defined what it will look like for you to get there then what is going on around you matters less and less. You begin to find more ways to be flexible through the storms.

How to Find Peace

Peace comes when you recognize you are responsible for your actions and your attitude and what resided beyond you is not up to you. Finding peace is a you thing.

Peace happens when you find a way to breathe through the moments of frustration and annoyance when what you want to do is scream.

Peace settles in you and around you when you practice looking beyond the circumstances to the true heart.

Keith and I are on a journey to define our success and live it while walking in a place of peace. More importantly, we want to walk with you as you find your way. 

We are a little goofy, a little different, and a whole lot of serious about living in purpose and on purpose.

Define success.

Find peace.

Make time to laugh!

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