Define Your Why

Take time to define your why so you will be prepared to pursue your why with bold and purposeful actions.

Until you know why you are doing what you are doing you will struggle to get it done. Motivation can be the key to breaking through the barriers or sometimes just making it through the boredom of monotony. You need to slow down long enough to define your why and map your wy.

I wanted to letter in sports when I was in high school. That meant I had to be on the team which required me to attend practices on a regular basis and also to play in games. I did that and have the letters to prove it.

My younger brother wanted to be a basketball player. That meant he had to be on the team which required him attending practices and playing in games BUT he also had to invest time outside of those moments to continue honing his skills. He wanted more and invested more.

My why did not motivate me to do more and if being on the team had required more investment (because of the number of people trying out) then I probably would have changed events.

A why has to go deeper than the surface. My brother had roots to his why and it drove him to a basketball scholarship even though he is only 5’6”. My why barely made it through the season.

Do you know why you want to do what it is you want to do?

Discovering Your Why

1. Name ten reasons you want to do it – or as many as you can.

2. Scratch off all of those that involve the desires of someone else.

3. Number the reasons from the strongest to the least.

Think and meditate over these top reasons. If everything in the world told you that what you wanted to do was not the right direction, could those reasons alone continue to motivate you?

My brother played baseball as well as basketball. He was very talented and coaches encouraged him to pursue baseball. “You could have a career in baseball.” He was promised time and again.

But my brother loved basketball. That was his passion and that is what he wanted to do. He had a why rooted deep in his heart. It pushed him past the opinions of the coaches and all the other “theys” out there. He pushed him to work out day and night to improve his skills. It pushed him beyond the limitations into limitless possibilities.

Define your why and you will begin to build the necessary foundation for lasting success.

Go Deeper Into Your Why

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