Discover the Why to Find the Focus

I needed to find the right focus. The failure of my class to make (which is really just code for nobody showed up) left me with some time on my hands. The other classes had already met for a couple of weeks and it just seemed out of place to jump in with the dynamics already in place.

It could be a painful experience to put all of that time and effort into developing a study to help others find their passion only to find that no one wanted to put in the time and effort to discover that passion. Sitting all alone in a classroom and hearing the voices of all the people gathering for class could make you feel even more isolated and alone.

Reasons to be hurt, upset or annoyed happen all the time. The chance to dwell in despair lies around every corner – but so do those opportunities to bask in the sun. You balance between the difference comes from the focus of the heart.

Finding the Right Focus for the Heart

    • Seek the opportunity. The hour that my children are in their class I now get to spend writing in peace and quiet in the church library. The added bonus is that I have a wall of reference material that helps me along with my writing.

    • Step out of the dark. Hidden away in the empty classroom kept others from even knowing that I was in the building. Stepping out into the hall (or in my case sitting in the library) makes me a part of the commotion that had created such an isolation just a few weeks before.

    • See the potential. The study that I started for the class that never showed has expanded with each writing. I am finding that the end product will be a full book that should be a conduit to help people discover the passion that God planted in them from the beginning of time and then let that passion lead them to purpose.

    • Search the reasons. Knowing the why behind the action can help sooth hurts that try to attack. A class taught for my glory would have been cut deep by the underwhelming response. Stepping into the situation because of a prompting by the Spirit keeps me digging down until I know the purpose for the action. The why makes the difference.

The choice exists even when I refuse to acknowledge its reality. The light and the dark are in both rooms – no matter how bright the room or how dark the room. Sometimes the only difference is what I choose to see. Focus makes the difference.

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