Focused Flexibility allows you to GET YOUR FOCUS ON!

This QUARTERLY daily planner breaks down all you do with the flexibility you need to do it.

Defining Focused Flexibility

Focused flexibility is the ability to bend with the wind, to see the detour and keep moving towards the goal, and to change the step if the beat speeds up. I know what I need to do each morning. I don’t know what everyone else expects me to do that morning. Focused flexibility helps me stay limber enough to deal with the unexpecteds that I expect to show up. You can’t see it all, but you can be focused on your goal while being flexible in the all that comes your way.

Put it this way, if you plan to go to the beach (or wherever your favorite vacation spot might be) and you start driving but hit a detour, you don’t turn around and go home.

You have to focus on your destination even if you have to be flexible in how you get there.

Focused Flexibility gets you through the maze

As a homeschool mom of three boys, I learned to embrace flexibility. I was building a full-time writing career while trying to keep costs down. I was flexible about how I planned the means, about where we ate, and about how I worked – because I never knew if we were going to be all day at co-op or all afternoon at practice.

We need to have BIG DREAM goals if we are going to fulfill our unique design, but we have to find ways to get flexible in how we get there.

Life happens. It’s how you flex around those moments (and sometimes through those moments) that makes the difference.

Sample Pages for Focused Flexibility

This QUARTERLY planner was designed to help you find your balance, define your focus, fuel your Faith, and get to where you want to go one little bit at a time.

It’s a noisy world. Distractions, disruptions, and demands shout at you all day from all directions.

Be still. Find your quiet place. Create your unique journey plan.

You can create noise canceling focus so strong that nothing and nobody will hold you back from your BIG DREAMS

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