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You need to hone your focus for your desired success if you are going to be positioned to reach your success. A defined definition makes it possible to reach the goal. A lack of definition limits the ability to get there.

The world will tell you what you can do. Society will dictate your limits. But only if you allow them to make those choices for you. You take the power away from others when you define the definition yourself.

Questions to Define Desired Success

  • What is the biggest desire in your heart that would be a blessing or a benefit to others?

Allow your mind to wander and your imagination to fly. Try to remember the dreams of your childhood and the things that you wanted to achieve before someone told you that you couldn’t.

  • What would you do if you had all the resources necessary and you knew you could not fail?

We put limitations on dreams based on what we see in front of us. If you want to dream your biggest possibilities then you have to move past the limits. Once the dream is in place you can find a way to get over, around, or beyond the limits.

  • What are you willing to give up, to forgo, or to sacrifice to reach that place?

There is always limited amount of resources, so you have to choose the better way to invest those resources if you are going to find your desired success.

Hone your focus to pursue your desired success with Peculiar Productions

Thoughts to Hone Your Focus

  • Make a list of all the steps required to reach your success. How can you break those down into little bits so that they become manageable for the pursuit of your bigger dreams?
  • Map out a schedule that will allow you to have a few minutes every day for tackling one of the little bits.
  • Dare to do one little bit every day for thirty days in a row. One little bit will be possible no matter how much else may be going. Keep going until you can be consistent for thirty days in a row.
  • Evaluate the results and then adjust as necessary. Once you complete the thirty days, add an additional daily little bit and repeat the thirty-day trial.

You can live your desired success as long as you continue to hone your focus and tackle the little bits with consistency.

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