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How to Build Your Belief Focus

Building your belief focus gives you a solid foundation for standing when the world around you keeps shifting – and it will. Most of the time you get to where you think you are balanced and on target and someone or something pulls the rug right out from under you sending you tumbling to the ground. 

Or maybe that’s just me. 

The more you become focused on what you believe then the easier it is to get up if you do fall or to maintain your balance when the shifts happen. You stay honed in on your unique way.

Be so focused
On what you believe
That nothing can hold you back!

What Do You Believe?

Before you can build a foundation for standing in your beliefs, you have to define what you believe. Simple, right? Take a moment and write out what you believe about who you are and about where you are going.

The second part is often the sticking point – although the first part can determine a lot about the second part.

I know that I am a mom, a wife, a friend, an encourager, a writer, a speaker. I know that I invest in growing my faith daily. I know that I am saved by Grace and that Christ has written my name in the Lamb’s Book of Life. 

But then what?

After reviewing my prayer journals over the years and notes and letters from friends and mentors, I determined that I am called to lift up, cheer up, and stir up the Children of God. I believe that I have a calling to speak and write words of hope and encouragement.

The more I invest in these beliefs, the stronger I stand in them. The stronger I stand in these beliefs, the bolder I become in pursuing them. The bolder I am the more focused I become in doing what I know to do in order to live out my beliefs.

What do you believe?

Be so focused on what you believe that nothing can hold you back! Share on X

  • Meditate on what you know
  • Review what others have said
  • Compare the information you gather
  • Come to a place of excited peace

Take time to define your belief so you will have a firm foundation.

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I spent a couple of days preparing a fun event for my son’s birthday – complete with a scavenger hunt, homemade gifts they would personalize, and a themed cake. I loved every second of it – even scrambling to get the house clean before guests arrived.

After it was all over, my husband asked the same question he always ask me. “Why don’t you do this for a living?”

I have a degree in tourism and commercial recreation. I worked for the University of South Alabama planning social activities for one of the dorm areas. I did an internship with NAS Cecil Field planning social activities for the enlisted men.

I’ve planned my fair share of events. But as much as I enjoy it, it pales in comparison to speaking and teaching groups on passion and purpose.

The more I have embraced the things that make my heart zing, the easier it has become to be part of something without becoming engrossed in it.

Breaking Down What You Know

What do you know?

You already know some things about your likes, dislikes, and zing points! If you don’t, click the link above to your FREE What Do You Believe Worksheet and start meditating on what you already know. What you know right now can be a huge factor in understanding what you believe.

What do others say?

People will often point out what they see as good traits in you (and just as often bad traits). You can learn more about who you are and where you’re going by what other people say about your walk. Remember, you can’t read your own label from inside the jar. Sometimes an outside perspective is just what we need to see clearly.

Where are your points crossing?

The more what you know about yourself and your journey and what your trusted companions tell you they see begins to weave together, the more you will see a pattern for what you are supposed to be doing. 

What do you really want?

Be in tune with what makes your heart zing. The things, the activities, the opportunities that ignite your soul are often the very things that you need to root down into.

What is your belief focus? 

Something is always trying to talk you out of what you want to do – or to talk you into something other than what you planned to do. Your belief will be the difference between staying on course and being tossed by the winds and the waves.

Be in tune with what makes your heart zing. Share on X

What do you believe?

Get invested in solidifying your believe points:

  • Meditate on what you know
  • Review what others have said
  • Compare the information you gather
  • Come to a place of excited peace

The more you know for sure, the bolder you become. The bolder you become, the harder it will be for others to hold you back. Set your believe points and you will harness the power of your belief focus.

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