The key to business success – online or brick and mortar – lies in the organic growth provided by word of mouth and foundational relationships. Times may have changed and technology may have expanded, but the fundamental elements of people (and therefore marketing) remain the same.

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The top conversations recently revolved around the changes in different social media platforms and how those changes were forcing businesses to adjust their marketing and promotional models.

“Word of mouth advertising is dead.” One expert declared.

“The formulaic approach to sales offered up by former industry experts no longer applies to today’s market.” Another expert stated – emphatically and with way more words than any of us wanted to hear.

The truth remains as the truth has always been. “The more things change the more they stay the same.”

Yes. We do live in a world with instant information.
Yes. We do live in a connected world.
Yes. Technology has made a difference in the world and the way we work together.

And yes. People are still people.

The two things you need to remember about building your online business are fundamental truths that have been around since the beginning of time:

  1. Create lasting connections with people.
  2. Focus on being relentlessly helpful to those connections.

Once you understand the fundamental truths remain the same then you can begin to create a plan for your business that will result in your organic growth online.

Tips for Organic Growth

  • Define your target market. You have probably heard this said on at least one occasion. Honing in on your one, ideal customer or client allows you to hone the next few steps with precision instead throwing noodles against the wall an hoping they stick.
  • Connect with your target market. Once you know where your ideal client/customer spends her time then you can go to those locations and hangout. Get to know the others in those same spaces (either online or in person). Make an investment in being social and building up those connections.
  • Be engaged without expectation. Hangout in these different spaces and be engaged with the community. Answer questions. Ask questions. Have fun conversations just to have fun.
  • Invest in being helpful. Make videos or go to “answer this” type websites and offer solutions to questions in your market niche or industry focus. Make sure to have your website and contact information in any bio or about pages the sites allow.
  • Aim for the long game. Connections with lasting results will not happen overnight. Growing up anything takes an investment so plan to be consistent and persistent in your investment for the long term.

Building a business online does not require a huge investment in money. It will take an investment of time because it requires and investment in and for people. Organic growth that leads to online business success happens when you make the purposeful choice to put people first.

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