How to Define the Father’s Business?

What is the Father’s business, and why should I be doing it?

Leaning into unique purpose and design doesn’t align with the way the world does things. On more occasions than I can count, when talk comes around to doing what I feel led to do, I get the motivationally stunting question:

“But how are you going to make money doing that?”

I cringed when I heard the all too common question. When you launch into the entrepreneurial life, people want to know how you are going to produce an income flow. After all, “you have to do something to pay the bills.”

For years, I knew that God was calling me to share words of encouragement and inspiration. I would start down that path with bold determination, only to have others tell me I had to do something to make money.

If we don't do anything, then we gain nothing.

Money was essential. How else could you buy groceries or pay the mortgage?

“Maybe if we didn’t have a mortgage, we could get more done.” Reluctantly, I agreed to put the house on the market, but nobody took the bait.

“Maybe if I did more freelancing, there would be more resources for other things.” I reached out to connections to build my income flow, but the opportunities had diminished or disappeared altogether.

I would be part of a study group that would refocus my true north, so it was all about doing what God was leading me to do.

Well, at least until someone pointed out that I needed to be making money.

It was a heartbreaking and exhausting cycle.

I was an entrepreneur, so I had to make money, but I was a Child of God going about the Father’s Business, and He promised to be my source.

Where are you in the cycle – or do you have your own cycle that pulls you out of your God focus into a focus somewhere else?

The Lost Focus of the Children of Israel

God chose the Children of Israel. He freed them from slavery in truly dramatic form. He even prompted their captors to send them away rich. God then parted the sea so that they walked on DRY ground through walls of water only to let that same water fall over the captors who now chased them. A couple of days later, they were building a calf to worship.

Okay, it as a few more than a couple – around 100 or so. Still, it wasn’t like it was years between miracles for them. And yet, they forgot God was their source and turned to something they made themselves.

No matter how amazing the blessings, we have a tendency to forget and shift our attention to the things we create on our own.

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The Cycle of Forgetfulness.

When you read through the Old Testament, you run across this concept of “and everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” It’s what I refer to as the cycle of forgetfulness. God would do something miraculous. The people would honor and worship Him. Time would pass when things continued to be great. People would start patting themselves on the back. Then they would turn away from God. Then things would start to get bad, Until finally, they would start crying out to God.

God would show up and so something miraculous . . . and the cycle would repeat.

I’m sick and tired of the Cycle of Forgetfulness. I want to remember and to lean into the point of God’s showing up.

Be About the Father’s Business

I read recently that if you want to be about the Father’s Business, then you have to know the Father. And I know if I want to know the Father, then I need to be intentionally and personally invested in His Word every day.

The more we know the Father’s Business, the more we can be faithful in it. And each step in faithfulness leads us one step closer to that place where we are being trusted with more.

What is the Father's business?

Read Matthew 25: 14 – 30. It’s all about the Father’s Business and how we either take intentional actions in His Way, or we choose to take intentional INactions. If we don’t do anything, then we gain nothing. And if we gain nothing (even if it’s learning), then we are not about the Father’s Business. We’ve become deluded, distracted, or detoured by the world.

Lean into the Word. Get to know the Maker of the Word and the Designer of who you are uniquely called to be. The more you learn that, the more you will understand and embrace the Father’s business, and the world will lose its hold.

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