Flexibility means you work where you are – and flexibility is essential to lasting success. Flexibility may also mean you have to work with what you have (until you can have what you want). Flexibility combines with determination to keep you going even when the moments around you are trying to tell you it’s not possible. You get to where you want to be by being flexible to keep on keeping on.

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Work where you are

Take Business On the Go

By Kathryn C Lang

After 17 years of homeschooling and ten years of building a full-time business while homeschooling, I have learned to work anywhere. We live in the woods, which means driving anywhere will take 30 minutes in one direction. Instead of taking the boys to events and coming home, I usually just wait.

Give me a corner, a table, or a quiet shade in the parking lot, and I will make it work.

It helps that I have a portable office in the computer bag that houses my laptop. I also have to-go offices in each of the cars (they have tape, scissors, staplers, and paper clips) because sometimes you don’t know you are going to be hanging around.

Just in case I get caught without any of my offices, my purse houses enough tools to get almost anything done (including a tiny hammer and a screw driver, but you don’t need to know that for this. I just think it’s cool I found a tiny hammer).

Because of these different offices, I can work anywhere I end up for a prolonged amount of time.

  • I have worked in the waiting area of hospitals and in hospital rooms.
  • I have worked in the floor of the karate class – the waiting area, not the practice maps.
  • I have worked in the car while waiting for a class to end or the mechanic to work on my car (and that’s where I’m working right now).

I make more of the hour that I would have to travel by finding ways to work while I wait.

The point is not the where I work but that I make the choice to work.

Work Where You Are

  • Accept the un-ideal. Portable offices may not have everything I might need or want for my work day, but they have enough to help me get things done. You don’t need all the amenities to move forward. You simply have to accept that you can do something where you are and start working around the un-ideals.
  • Embrace the changes. Change is going to happen whether you like it or not. Embracing change helps you direct the change. Allow the changes to ignite new ideas. Use changes to spur motivation. Working in unique situations can help to inspire more.
  • Dare to try. Try something different than you had planned to keep up the inspiration and flexibility. I normally find a place in the office or waiting area while the mechanic works on the car, but today I decided to try staying put. It turns out there are fewer people that try to talk to you when you sit in the car alone (a great help to an extreme extrovert).
  • Do have a plan – or at least have part of a plan. If you know where you want to go then you can find a way to move closer even when detours come up.

Things will come up. Situations will occur. Changes and adjustments will slip in and surprise even the best set plans. You have to determine to work where you are no matter what else comes up (or shows up) because that is the only way to get there.

You have to take purposeful actions. It is up to you. You know it’s not going to always go the way you expect or the way you want. Somedays you get it all together only to realize someone moved the middle.

Make a habit to practice practical flexibility. Learn how to work where you are so you can get done what you want to do.

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