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How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book

You have a story to tell. You have a book in you. It may be that you have already written your book. The longer you have been creating content the more likely it is that you have already written a book.

Ask someone about building a presence online and you will hear about the importance of content. “Content is king,” they declare. And if content is king then consistency is queen. Not only do you have to create quality content that engages with your audience, but you also have to be consistent in the creation.

It’s work. Sometimes it’s hard work. Sometimes it’s painful work. Sometimes it’s frustrating work.

You’ll find good news in the recognition that your work doesn’t have to be a one and one situation.

Last year, at WordCamp Birmingham – WPYall – I shared a presentation on how to turn your blog into a book.

Tips to Turn a Blog Into a Book

  • Review existing content – look at what you have and how you can repurpose it.
  • Organize by target topic – see where your readers engage, look for other signs of interest, and determine your own focus and interest. See where they merge.
  • Fill in the gaps – sort the content, delete the unwanted materials, and then fill in the spaces so that it all comes together.
  • Bridge the flow – rewrite the content so that it all works together. Add an intro to your book, intros to each chapter, and a closing to the book.
  • Format for purpose – determine how you are going to use the book and then format for that purpose (print, digital sales, digital download on your site).

It’s just a matter of taking what you have already completed and compiling that information into a new form.

Repurposing your words is a great way to make more of what you have.

I did offer a bonus at the end of the presentation – planning your blog for your book. A plan for repurposing can be a great way to infuse inspiration for content creation in the future.

Why Write Your Book

  • Build your speaking platform
  • Generate an email list
  • Develop a stream of income
  • Provide bragging rights at the next class reunion
  • Make content easier to digest
  • Test the waters for an online course

You have a story to tell and your story needs to be told. The best news you may hear all day is that your story may already be written and just waiting for you to package it.

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