The term ghostwriting has been given to books, articles, and products written by someone other than the one claiming to be the author. Ghostwriters are the real writers. The other people are just the names on the words so that the books can get more traction.

The truth is a ghostwriter takes the stories and words of the “author” and crafts those words into a book reflecting the voice and brand of that “author.” In other words, the ghostwriter is neither seen nor heard. He is a tool for the “author” to craft his book.

A recent article about the books President Trump boasted about writing, and the revelations of the ghostwriter that produced some of the manuscripts, brought to light the idea that a ghostwritten book isn’t written by the author – but by the ghost.

What are your thoughts about ghostwriting?

Writers write in many different ways and there is no right way or wrong way to get your book written as long as it works for you.

I know writers who use voice to text software to get their books written. It doesn’t mean they are any less of a writer than the writer who painstakingly puts down the first draft on legal pads.

I know writers who use organizing software to keep their ideas in order and to move chapters around. It doesn’t mean they are any less of a writer than the writer who uses notecards to filter out and organize ideas.

There are people who have someone else write a book and then they simply put their name on the cover of the book. The voice of that person is not in the words. The ideas of the person are not in the words. Only the name of the person is a part of the book.

But a good ghostwriter becomes the author and writes as the author. A well-developed ghostwritten manuscript is reviewed and edited by the author to maintain the tone and brand of the author.

You utilize ghostwriting right when it becomes a tool for writing your book and it is not simply a crutch for getting it done.

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