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How to Wrangle Your Words

You have to wrangle your words to craft a platform that will hold up your success. Today’s market of instant communication and information requires all industries to build up words to capture the interest (and cornerstone support) for your products. When you define a way to wrangle your words you create planks for building your platform.

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“You need a platform.” Every writing event shares this declaration in one form or another. Platform catches the attention of publishers and agents, alike.

The critical element of platform comes in the form of words. The words you share online – through your website or social media – allow you to connect with your target readers. It also provides a way for you to grow more words for your book production.

There will always be something that will try to stand in the way of your words, but you have to be determined to find a way to push through.

Simple Tips to Wrangle Your Words

  • Take notes when writing your content or books – yes, write as you write. Certain phrases and ideas will stand out as you are writing. Take a moment to highlight, underline, or (even better) write them out on a separate page for easy reference at a future date.
  • Create a prompt book – designate a small journal for writing prompts and keep it with you at all times. Start looking for ideas. When you begin keeping an eye open you will start seeing them all around. Without a record of the prompt, they will slip away. Writing down the prompts allows you to have words available when time open ups.
  • Always be ready – keep notebooks and writing elements all around the house. You will be able to write at the moment instead of having to find some way to write while trying to hold on to the idea. Here’s the trick, make enough notes on the writing to organize it into your writing plan and then put it into your organizational system (because you do have a way to organize what you are working on, right?).
  • Refuse to give away your control – to anyone or anything. There will always be an excuse. You have to choose. If you choose to make the words a priority, then you will be positioned to wrangle your words.
  • Choose the right words – the more words you create, the more words will flow, but not all words are created equal. Choose the words that move you forward toward your defined purpose and goals.
  • Keep learning more – study words and phrases to expand your word possibilities. The word you’ve been using or you heard may not mean what you think it means. Learning will help you find the best word at the best time for the most potent impact.
  • Hone your voice – know your unique style and rhythm. You can write anything when you know who you are and why you are writing it. Knowing your voice not only helps you wrangle the words but will keep you moving forward in purpose.
  • Learn to let it go – because not everything is what you need. Some words enhance the telling of your story. Some words drag it down or hold it back. Get aggressive at cutting the stopping words. Don’t throw them away. Set them aside to be used in future publications or word adventures.

Write words. When You write words, you are positioned to wrangle words. As you practice the art of sorting and sifting, you will become a master word wrangler able to leap semicolons in a single bound.

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