Build greater engagement to create the success you desire. No matter what the industry or the focus, the key comes down to relationships and relationships grow up through engagement.

Building success can be tough and when the going gets tough the focus often shifts from where you want to go to the storm and waves lapping up around you. You scramble to deal with the day to day functions and don’t have time to worry about the long-term.

Even in those moments of struggle, with a little bit of time invested intentionally in others you continue to move toward your desired success. A little bit of effort and a little bit of time can make a big difference.

Start with social media – which can be a love-hate relationship for many that are trying to build success. It offers an incredible opportunity to connect with the world but requires an investment.

Social media needs to be focused on social engagement, but so should all the content you create for your website. The key lies in understanding how you can create the engagement you desire.

Create Greater Engagement

  • Target the people that like your post. Don’t wait for others to reach out. When they like your post then tag them and thank them for the like. You could also take time to send an email or note – but that will require an even higher level of personal investment.
  • Focus on doing something different that will prompt a conversation. Find a topic in your niche. Share a photo that represents the target and challenge others to do the same. The key is to prompt conversations in your voice and with your brand focus.
  • Invite others into the conversation and encourage others to invite folks in. You can tag them in the comments to draw them into the conversation.
  • Ask a question and follow up each response with another question or comment.
  • Challenge others. Provide or weekly challenge and encourage readers to respond in the comment with links, shares, or stories about how they meet the challenge.

Be engaged to build engagement. Be willing to invest in conversations, to respond to comments, and to even make comments on other sites so that you can create an atmosphere for engagement.

Set your platform firmly on the foundation of relationship. Make the intentional choices to invest in greater engagement if you want to build up your success.

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