We are stronger when we work together. Peculiar Productions, LLC was founded on the understanding that when we find our unique talents and gifts and then are encouraged to pursue those uniqueness then we will be positioned to live out a bold life in purpose and on purpose.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to connect with many different creatives and have found ways to incorporate their passions into all that we offer you.

Peculiar Productions Editors

The more eyes you can have review your words, the more likely you are to catch any problems or issues. Just as important to the number of eyes is the type of focus those eyes have. We have discovered that different people have a gift for different types of editing.

Lee – gifted at quick turnarounds and strong composition. Lee connected with Peculiar Productions, LLC over a decade back. Her background in journalism and strong grammatical skills allows her to spot issues in spelling, grammar, and form – all at the speed of a superhero. Lee may not be Wonder Woman, but there are days when she leaves the rest of us wondering how she does it.

Keith – a naturally obsessive personality lends to spotting issues even before reading through the content. Keith helped launch Peculiar Productions, LLC not only as a way to help indie authors but as an avenue to help other creatives find a way to pursue their passions. His background in drama, communications, and English help him to see the story and the format.

Cleveland – a strong ability to see the clues and uncover the plot means you don’t want to go with him to see the latest mystery, but does mean that he makes for a strong content editor. Cleveland joins the Peculiar Productions, LLC family straight out of college where he received an Associate Degree in Business. His love of books and a strong need to research the components of stories makes him the ideal addition to our editorial staff.

Peculiar Productions Artists

Steve – a love of SciFi and fantasy means a unique view of things (to say the least). Steve has been creating art since he could hold a color. His favorite things are imagining characters that never existed before and bringing them to life.

Mary – call her the queen of quirky (because she’s been called worse . . . probably today). Mary loves to doodle, to turn something ordinary into something unexpected, and to twist images into other scenes.