Peculiar Productions offers family-friendly fun and inspiration, often with a dash of learning to keep things growing. Our products are chosen with the whole family in mind.

Finding family friendly books can be a challenge. For some reason, books that offer great stories toss in unexpected (and unnecessary) language and situations no mother or parent wants to share with children.

We brought our sons up to love words – reading to them at nap time and at bed time from children’s books, chapter books, and novels. Most stories aimed at the Middle Grade market and below met the family-friendly check list.

By the time they were in middle school themselves, though, they wanted more challenging reads. The books for the older markets were filled with content best left unshared – in a mother’s opinion.

The more challenging it became the more determined we became.

The answer seemed to be the classic idea of “if you can’t find the book you want to read then you need to write it.”

We began writing books and also connecting with other authors who had crafted clean books. The more we connected, the more expansive our base of clean reads became.

We began encouraging authors to publish through Peculiar Productions and also began moving our books over to the Peculiar Productions imprint in 2019. We continue to work with authors to help independently publish clean books and also to bring family friendly fun to the imprint.

What to Expect From Family Friendly Titles

  • strong characters
  • no harsh language
  • solid story lines
  • age appropriate situations
  • no gratuitous violence, inappropriateness, or situations to make a parent cringe


Author Jeff Benson

Joseph & a bunch of F-Words $7.00 US

Author Kathryn Lang




Author Stephen Dorning