Creative entrepreneurship requires following the path paved for and by your unique design. Knowing your why and plotting out a plan around that why gives you the foundation for living out a bold life rooted in your creativity and fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2012, Kathryn’s mother passed away. As she sorted through the storage and stuff, Kathryn found boxes of unshared writings, paintings, and crafts. “My mom spent most of her life behind the desk in an office with no windows while her creative spirit withered and eventually died in a box,” Kathryn shared. “I determined then and there while sorting through my mom’s dreams and heart that I would do all I could to be sure that not another creative spirit would die in a box.”

Peculiar Productions found its roots in those boxed dreams.

The courses shared here are for the creative entrepreneur, the heart hungry for more, and the spirit daring to live unique. Each one helps you find the tools you need for building a solid foundation to launch into your possibilities. Each lesson in the courses is about helping you, the creative spirit, embrace and pursue the unique design of you.

Living out your unique purpose requires balance. It’s not all about the creative nature. It can’t be all about the business and finances. It can’t even be all about home and heart. You need to find your way to build your balance to span all of those areas in a way that uniquely fits you. Having balance in these areas gives creative entrepreneurs the means to take flight into a world of possibilities.

Covering Areas for Balance

  • Purpose – understanding and living out your unique design
  • Place – finding ways and places to implement your creative uniqueness.
  • Spirit – drawing closer to the Word and to the One that designed you on purpose and for a purpose.
  • Heart – building relationships (because it is ALL about relationships).
  • Life – tips, tricks, and ideas to implement in your daily walk to give you more for pursuing your creative entrepreneurship.

You make the difference. Once you determine in your mind that you can, and you begin to take action steps towards that goal, then you will find that you do reach the success that you desire.

Dream – Do – Reach!

You can be all that you desire. You can live out your BIG DREAM goals. You can fly – if you find your path and then pursue it until you arrive.


Building the Perfect Spouse

Taking the steps to create the perfect spouse by walking out these eight secrets.

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Pecu the Peculiar Platypus

9 Weeks to Write Your Book

Write your book in only 9 weeks.

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WhiteBoard of World Domination helps you find your focus

WhiteBoard of World Domination

Is chaos in control of your world? Are you caught in the hamster wheel of life – going at full speed but only spinning the wheel until you stumble and the wheel is spinning you? Do you want to get it all done but you aren’t even sure what might be involved in your all to start with? The White Board of World Domination system helps you harness the chaos, get off the wheel, and define your rules so you can take control of life one bite-sized piece at a time.

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