Planning Now to Do What You Love . . . NOW

Plan Your Path NOW
The commercial sounded great in the beginning. They challenged people to write down the one thing they would love to do if they could only get someone to pay them to do it. We believe in people pursuing their passion and that finding that passion will keep a person from ever working a day in their life.

The commercial runs off the rails when it suggests that you have to work all of your life doing a job before you can live the rest of your life doing what you love. To us, that is out of order.

First: Discover what you are uniquely designed to do – the passion that is planted in your heart from the beginning of time.

Second: Determine a way to turn that passion into a profession.

Third: Do what you love now.

It should not be about tomorrow – in anything. Tomorrow had no guarantees. The only thing you have to work with is now. Stop waiting for the chance to do what you love. Begin uncovering your heart’s design and plan to do what you love now.

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