#10000Stories Monthly Membership

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Join this writing group to find the focus and encouragement you need to write your book.

In 2012, my mom died after spending years as a bookkeeper. Recently, I opened a notebook that had been hidden in the back of her closet. I found the beginning of a novel, several short stories, and a pile of poetry. She died with her story trapped in a box.

As we have determined more to lean all into our unique design, we have determined that no more stories can die hidden in a box in the back of the closet.

This monthly group offers the support and encouragement to bring your story to life:

Monthly brainstorming groups
FREE tools and tips for finding your writing flow
Publishing support
Discounts on additional tools
FREE access to some of the writing courses available through Peculiar Productions.
Weekly emails from Pecu
And so much more . . .

Your story is important.

Join us now.

Your support helps us support fueling the stories that will change the world.


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