Abundant Life Program Workbook




The Abundant Life Program workbook was created by a focused flexibility thinker that goes with the flow and a straight A to B to C linear intellect. The mere creation of the workbook required seeing the journey from opposite sides of the lane. It shows in how the content is developed and how it flows. It’s your personal guide to a live you are called to live.

  • Designed to fit your uniqueness.
  • Determined to match YOUR walk.
  • Detailed in ways to allow for your timing, needs and focus.

In other words, this is a life guide to finding, living, and growing up YOU!

What’s Inside The Abundant Life Program Workbook?

  • Daily Spiritual Reflections: Short, impactful reflections to start your day with purpose.
  • Weekly Challenges: Practical tasks to apply your learnings and see real-life transformations.
  • Spiritual Gift Assessments: Discover and harness your unique spiritual gifts.
  • Guided Prayers and Meditations: Enhance your connection with God through structured prayers and meditative practices.



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