Every heart holds the potential of a book – the struggle comes with finding the unique voice, coaxing the flow of words, and then crafting with the art that has been created.

At Peculiar Productions, we know the struggle. We have been THROUGH the struggle. We are a group of writers, editors, graphic designers, and encouragers that have walked the path strewn with words.

Through our experiences, we have determined that nobody should face it alone.

  • We are here to guide you in this process.
  • We are here to encourage you as you pour out the art of words.
  • We are here to help you with the craft of an end product (a.k.a. publish your professional book).

This world is a stormy place – yes, a dark and stormy place. We are here to be a safe haven in the storm and a launching point for your independent writing career.

A Small Imprint with a Big Heart

Your words have power, but too often when it comes to publishing and sharing those words, the world is against you. Even in the traditional faith-based market, without a foot in the door, you can’t get a foot in the door.

You always have the choice to go a different route. Independently publishing your book means you take on the job of making your book “ready for prime time” or finding the people to help you. You invest your resources to make it work. But if you don’t know what works then you are stuck investing resources that don’t need to be invested or that can be invested in a better way.

What if you could get it done, the way you want, without a hurt foot (get it, because someone keeps slamming the door on your foot) or wasted resources?

Choosing the Right Path

At Peculiar Productions, we have a small imprint that partners with authors for joint projects, supporting independent pursuits, and fully publishing family-friendly words. The right path for you will depend on what goals you have for your book and what budget you have set to attain those goals.

Three Ways We Can Work Together

  • Published by Us – Peculiar Productions will take on the tasks required to get your book in the market and will publish the book in all formats under our imprint. All expenses are covered by the sale of your book, so you pay nothing upfront. We only take a limited number of manuscripts each year.
  • Published WITH You – you pay an upfront fee that covers edits, formats, digital designs, and any marketing, but you also receive the greatest portion of the royalties.
  • Your Publishing DONE for you – you pay an upfront fee for services, and we publish your book through your account leaving you in complete control.

Your writing means everything to you – but you would love for the world to enjoy the words you create. Our goal at Peculiar Productions is to provide you with the tools you need to reach your defined success. We want to help you produce a quality product. We help you grow relationships with editors, designers and readers that will allow you to release the best book to the market.

Meet the team.
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Indie Coaching Packages:

Sometimes you just need a little insight or encouragement for the next step. We can provide you will the tips and tools you need to move forward with publishing all on your own. We are a team of artists from a wide variety of genres looking for ways to support and encourage other artists. The Coaching packages were designed to give you the guidance and tools to become confident in following the Indie Publishing and writing path.

Coaching Novel Publishing Package
Coaching Non-fiction Publishing Package
Coaching Children’s or Picture Publishing Package

We will also work with you to get started in your writing or to complete that manuscript you have been writing for all these years. The Coaching package sets aside time to work one on one and provides accountability and direction for getting it done.

Writing Coach Packages

We understand that sometimes you know what you want to say but you are uncomfortable doing the writing, or you may not be in a position to do the writing. The Ghost Writing Package was designed to help create a polished product from the first word to the full launch.

Ghost Writing Packages

Need More Options

If none of our existing packages are right for your publishing needs then we will work with you to create the right fit.

Peculiar Productions, LLC understands that one of the key components to the indie publishing path is finding your own unique way. We also understand that all of the elements included in the different publishing or coaching packages may not be right for you. Let’s talk about what will work.