Starting the Journey to Purpose

Natural abilities can lead to purpose.
Words come naturally to me. I can sit in a crowded room and pour out paragraph after paragraph – and some of it might even make sense. List it under the category of “you are not normal” because I am beginning to realize what a gift it is.

I sat at my table talking with a friend and confessed that I could be writing if I wanted. She shared her own gift of being able to explain the bible in a way that could connect the dots and open up new opportunities for that just studying and those that have been studying for years. And it excited her, just like seeing my words pop up on the screen excites me.

What comes naturally to you?

Later that weekend I had a chance to talk with another friend struggling for direction. He said that when he thinks he should go one way he realizes it should have been another way and he gets to the point where he just wants to give up.

I know I have been blessed to find a passion that can be utilized in so many different ways, but I refuse to believe that I am alone. Each and every person on this planet has a purposeful passion – a reason for being here. Some of us just have more stuff covering it up than others.

My friend has been bombarded with words, expectations and rules of the world that are covering over his seed of purpose. It may take some time, a LOT of diligence, and some persistence to uncover that seed so that it can be nurtured into purpose.

Do you have a lot of stuff covering the seed of who you are?

The Scripture teaches that we are each here by design. I believe that the one Who designed all of the details of the complicated workings of the earth (from how the tide cleans the ocean, the lightning feeds the plants and hurricanes clean out the river mouths) could place people in positions without that same focus on design detail.

Becoming who you are designed to be requires first knowing the Designer. He will help you pull back all of the layers of stuff given to you by the world, the people and the circumstances around you. Once you uncover the seed, He will then teach you how to nurture that seed into the purposeful passion He designed for your life.

Do you believe you are here for a purpose?

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