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Stop the World I Want to Get Off

Stop the world. Stop the restrictions the world tries to demand I conform to. Stop the limitations other people have tried to cover me with. Stop the walls the world builds to make me fit into its box.

Just stop it. I want to get off.

The world’s ways have become our default position, mainly because it’s the world’s ways that we hear the most of. We are taught the world’s ways in school. We are lectured on the world’s ways by the media. We are pushed into the world’s ways by the church.

Yes, church.

Church in field

We have to make intentional choices that will allow us to release the world’s demands. Shift your belief focus to something beyond the world. The only way to take flight in all of our impossibilities is to get ungrounded to the limitations of the world. We have to find the focus to do things our unique way if we are going to break free of the world.

In 2020, the world turned upside down. Our life was more disrupted when a tornado dropped on our house on Easter night of 2020. We were thrown out of our ordinary and expected and forced to evaluate everything – every item, every promise, every expectation.

At times, I felt confident in the clean slate. At other times, I felt petrified at what was behind me. Whenever I found security in my unique design and purpose, someone or something would come around and remind me, “But you have to feel in this world.”

This world drags us down. It’s not easy taking flight when you are held down. The world’s way has become the only way, but it wasn’t always the way and if we are going to change what happens then we are going to have to change the way of doing business.

Understanding the World’s Ways

You stop the world when you recognize the world’s ways and stop giving in to them.

The world says you have to get a job and work until you can retire and have enough income built up to do what you want to do. Or, at least, the world started saying that at the turn of the 20th Century. In the grand scheme of things, retirement is new.

The closest thing to retirement in Scripture is when God orders that priests aren’t to do the word after 50, although it says they can continue to assist. So it wasn’t really retirement.

The world says you need to find a job to make some money. “What do you want to be when you grow up,” is the battle cry we call out to every youth we encounter.

The Bible doesn’t talk about making money. It says that we are to be about the work that God has for us and that when we are doing what God calls us to do, we live in His provision.

The world says there are limits to what can happen. It has to be practical. It can only happen if it has happened. Ironically, so many things in this world wouldn’t have happened if people weren’t willing to dare to do something different.

The Scripture paints a different picture. It tells us that nothing can stop an unstoppable God. Through Him, seas are parted, mountains are moved, the dead are raised, and wherever faith exists, healing resides.

In other words, the world has turned it all upside down. If we are going to begin living out all that God has called for us to do and be, then we have to choose to turn the world upside right.

Are You Ready to Stop the World?

You stop the world when you find your uniqueness and walk it out with bold determination. It is up to you. But we are here to support and encourage each step of the journey. Join us in a walk through The Abundant Life.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Ingor. You’ve really helped fuel the fire to dare to keep walking this walk. We truly are bolder when we go together!

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