We are asking you for help supporting the Abundant Life program, mission, and ministry that has taken root in our hearts.

The past four years have tested our faith profoundly—from losing our home in a tornado on Easter night, 2020 to being let jilted by the insurance company and the court system. These trials twisted our hearts and pushed us to question if the God Life we had believed in was a genuine possibility.

In our quest for answers, we realized that the deeper you get planted into the world’s ways, the harder it is to see God’s truth. To live God’s way, we needed to let go of everything we once thought important and embrace The Abundant Life.

The Abundant Life program, a result of years of development, is designed to help individuals build a personal relationship with God, understand their unique gifts and talents, and find their place in His purpose. This 24-week journey begins with forming a habit of daily connection with God, grows by exposing our hearts to others, and culminates in intentional steps towards fulfilling our God-given purpose.

Funding the Program

We are in the process of building a platform and a process for growing the Abundant Life program to a point that it touches every heart in the world. Nobody needs to be left hanging upside down.

Pre Launch: Funding the completion and release of the workbook

We are developing a workbook that will walk individuals or groups through the 24-week program. It includes worksheets, questions, challenges, and recommended Scripture readings that will cover the entire Bible in the 24 weeks.

Stage One: Funding the first two years of in-person presentations

We will be visiting churches, groups, schools, and other organizations in person to present one-day, weekend, or week-long seminars explaining The Abundant Life program. Our costs will be covered by the Stage One funding.

Stage Two: Funding online expansion of the full Abundant Life Program

We will be developing videos to go along with each week and also introductions to each season to create a complete curriculum package to help groups facility the full implementation of the 24-week program. The funding in this stage will be to hire professional vidographers to produce the content.

Stage Three: Funding the creation of a year-round facility for on-site training and learning

The BIG DREAM goal would be to create a location for hosting on-site seminars and conferences focused on instilling the courage and boldness we need to live the upside right Truth IN this world without falling prey to the upside wrong deceptions of this world.

How You Can Help

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Tell a friend or two (or three) about The Abundant Life and share the link to this page for those who want to support the ministry and mission or share The Abundant Life Program link. The best way to get the Word around the world is to share it around the world.

Purchase one of the existing courses currently available in the Peculiar Productions online school. Learn More HERE!

Become a patron of Peculiar Productions and The Abundant Life. Your contributions will fund each stage of the process and ensure the spread of the Abundant Life.

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