The Courage to Publish Your Story

If takes courage to publish your story. And by publish, I simply mean to share your story in some format. But no matter how you share, sharing exposes your heart. With every exposure there is a chance of hurt, heartache, or rejection. Every exposure carries risk.

Despite the risks, the brave heart dares to share because sharing is the only way to touch a heart.

The world needs more hearts willing to take the risk of sharing.



Your story is needed 
and necessary 
to touch the heart 
waiting to hear it. 
– Kathryn Lang

Your story is needed
and necessary
to touch the heart
waiting to hear it.
– Kathryn Lang

If you don’t tell, how will they know? That challenge was passed to me during a sermon, but I had also read it in Scripture. In Mark 16:15, Jesus tells his followers to go everywhere and tell the good news to everyone.

And He said unto them, 
“Go ye into all the world, 
and preach the gospel 
to every creature.”
– Mark 16:15

I struggled to do that for the longest time. I didn’t have a good story to tell, so I didn’t see any reason to tell it.

I accepted Christ at six years old. I went through most of my life trying to know Him more and walk closer to Him. THE END.

It would have been a short talk.

It took talking to someone else about their struggle to give me the break though for mine (which is another reason we shouldn’t go it alone).

“Your testimony isn’t about radical changes. It’s about rooted relationship. It’s about how you have connected with Christ.”


light bulb

It’s in sharing my relationship with Christ and how He has walked with me in the daily steps of ordinary life that so often reveals the extraordinary to others.

Your Story Matters

When you share your story, when you expose your authentic heart, other hearts are impacted. It’s why your story matters. Without your story, those hearts miss that impact moment.

Sometimes the heart you impact is one you are facing. Just as often, it is your own heart. Heart exposure flows from love, and love will always make a difference.

But . . . and this is the most important BUT of the day . . . people really don’t care about your what. They want to move below that surface WHAT to the how, the why, and the difference.

If I told you I made biscuits and gravy this morning for breakfast, you probably wouldn’t care (unless you were hungry or really like biscuits and gravy and then you’d probably be annoyed because you can’t have any).

If I told you I made biscuits and gravy from scratch in under thirty minutes because of a couple of hacks I’d discovered (and that included cleanup) and I wanted to share those hacks with you, you might pay attention.

TOP TIP: Don’t use a rolling pin.

If I told you I split my prayer time so I could make breakfast for my husband and we could have time to sit together before work and I shared why it was important for me, you might be interested for a different reason.

The power of your story is deeper than the WHAT.

Getting Trapped on the Surface

Social media has caused many a mothers to fall into “bad mommy syndrome” where they get focused on people’s surface stories and then compare those to their own dirty roots. They come up failing.

When you get trapped in the surface of what, you miss the power found in the roots.

Sharing your story shows the roots. Others gain strength, confidence, and revelation from engaging with the roots.

Dare to show your roots and you will impact lives.

Sharing the Better Way

Did you know that not everyone wants you to share? They don’t want to hear it. When you are authentic and open with your story, it forces them to look at theirs – and to go below the surface. They work hard to avoid any introspection. It might force change.

I had the opportunity to share with a civic organization when I was a columnist for the local paper. I dressed professionally. I printed handouts to share. I had my presentation practiced and ready to go. I even arrived early so I wouldn’t be flustered.

It was a civic group, but they were not at all CIVIL. That talk was the only one where I have been heckled at a presentation of any kind (and I’ve presented to high schoolers). They not only heckled me, they talked across the room to each other about me and my presentation.

I confess, I cried when I got in my car. It was hard to encounter hearts of stone because they crush hearts of flesh. But I learned a great lesson that day when I realized not everyone wants to learn or grow or share. Those that don’t, put all of their energy into crushing those who do.

When you are looking for moments and places to share, keep in mind that there is a better way than sharing with just anyone.

Seek Hearts Aimed Up

If I had taken a moment to find out something about that civic group, I would have discovered that they weren’t looking up. In truth, most of them spent the lunch looking in a glass of beer. Just because you can share doesn’t mean you should. Find out something about the hearts you will encounter and seek opportunities to share with hearts aimed up.

Be Courageous

Taking my next speaking opportunity was scarier than ever before. After encountering stone hearts, I was nervous that would be the ordinary and accepted way of things. But it only takes one heart, fully devoted to God to change the world. When you share, you are impacting one heart (at the very least). Tell your how, why, and differences to hearts willing to hear.

Be Authentic

You are who you are so be who you are YOUniquely designed to be. When you are anyone other than you then you risk getting lost in the chaos and distractions. It is only when you are authentically yourself that you are able to make a difference in the hearts you encounter.

Be Honest

Honesty goes a long way when it comes to opening hearts. Tell your real story and be honest not on in the telling but in the reason for the telling.

The better way to share is as yourself to hearts that are open to receive.

“I like your sign.” The man called down from my office. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. I have several signs all around the room. “Does the time you spend with God outweigh the time you spend with the world? I tell my family they need to be aware of their screen time.”

His sharing opened up a conversation between us about our faith walk. I shared with him about how I had determined to tithe my time. “I broke the Bible down into readings that would carry me through the whole Bible in a month.”

At this point, most people are astonished or annoyed at my commitment. He didn’t even blink. “I find that those two hours spent in devotion to God make all the difference in my life.”

If I’m honest, I had gotten a little prideful about my Scripture reading time and it was in that spirit and not the Holy Spirit that I had shared. But it was in his sharing that I found myself humbled. He reminded me that hearts all-in with God and for God may not be wearing the suit we expect.

When we dare to have the courage to share our story, we find God’s unexpected.

Sharing is Caring

When I share with you from a Spirit of Love then you see the love and feel the caring. Hearts connect. Lives change.

Make the choice to share our story. Write it out. Sing it out. Speak it out. Send it out in the world so the words of your heart can touch a heart and change the world.

How will you dare to publish your story today?

Share your thoughts, comments, and tips for how you can dare to share your story.

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