The George Costanza Way of Doing Business

Try the George Costanza way of doing business. Flip the script. Do it different. Do it opposite if that’s what it takes.

If you are doing it like someone else expecting the same results they got then you are doing it wrong. You aren’t designed to do it the way THEY do. Find your unique way to live in purpose. You aren’t supposed to do it like others because your way is your way.

Recently, I was challenged to be more me – a scary thought if you’ve met me. Even scary when you find out I’ve been stuck in a rut of “doing it the right way according to THEY” for far too long.

It wasn’t always that way. I was almost always had been encouraged to walk my unique walk. Over the years, I’ve encouraged others to walk their unique walk as well. I recognize and embrace that there is only one of me and only one of you and each of our paths will be unique to who we are designed to be.

Knowing all of that, I still got caught in the trap. Circumstances, stumbles, falls, and challenges pushed me to hear what THEY said and to follow the path THEY demanded. Instead of doing business in my unique way, I was trapped.

It wasn’t all at once. It was a little bit at a time. Because the power of little bits works both ways – which is why it’s so important to regularly evaluate where you are on your journey.

Little by little, I adjust what I wanted to do, what I was passionate about doing, and even what I knew I was great at doing, to do what THEY told me I should be doing.

It’s easier to get caught in that spiral than I could have imagined. It’s happened three major times since 2012 that I can look back and see.

It was happening again, only this time was different. This time I had an army of encouragers I was meeting with weekly to help push me to be me. This army of extraordinary people believed I could be me, even cheering me on when I would take a step in the me direction and the me way. 

The more cheers, the more I wanted to step.

Cheering my way of doing business

I was encouraged even more by what I saw these AWESOME people doing – in unique ways, in quirky ways, in ways that others would say were not quite right – and definitely despite what others were saying HAD to be done a certain way.

The daring I viewed brought me joy and the joy lifted me into more daring.

Apparently, it’s catching.

I wanted even more to do things different – my different.  I shared my desires with my husband, who immediately told me we were going to be doing business the George Constanza way. “Whatever we are told to do we will do the opposite.”

Can you get any more different than that?

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Only we aren’t going to do it exactly like George did. We are taking his plan and then aligning it to our journey.

We are being helped along the way by Jesse Cole, owner of the Savannah Bananas and author of Fans First. His words remind us to enjoy it and to make it enjoyable for others and enjoyable WITH others.

Don’t let circumstances or moments be game changers for you. Simple change the game and break the rules so they align with your journey.

How to Embrace the George Costanza Way of Doing Business

  1. What are the things you would have changed in your encounters and engagements?

In other words, how can you do things better that would have made your experience better? I love to attend events because I enjoy the engagement but also because I want to host more events. I’m always looking at what worked great and what could work better and how we could make something uniquely ours.

Little changes can make big differences. Someone, somewhere had the brilliant idea to leave candy on the pillow in a hotel or to make animals out of towels. If it would enhance your experience then how can you include it?

  1. What are the negatives you can make a positive?

Just because someone says it’s bad doesn’t mean it has to be. Lean into that difference. My husband and I aren’t normal. We know it. We embrace it. And now we are leaning into the not normalness with a new livestream. 

Walt Disney said something important about entertainment vs educating, and I see that in the people I meet with each week, the book I’m reading, and the experiences I’ve had on this journey. The entertainment moments are locked in place. The education moments are soon forgotten.

Build success one entertainment moment at a time.

My husband and I are embracing our not normal to entertain others – including each other. In our broadcast, we laughed a LOT and laughed later when we each watched it. We are not normal in different ways and other people have told us that not being normal will hold us back. But we are leaning into what THEY deem a negative and using it to entertain and make positives.

  1. What would you expect to do that you can do unexpectedly?

Marvel movies have shown the unexpected by adding clips to the end of their credits. They weren’t the first, but they are bringing it back with gusto. Remember Ferris Bueller telling you to go home because the movie was over. Or Smokie and the Bandit sharing the bloopers. 

By doing something unexpected at the very end of the credits, the movies gave a little more to the audience, left them entertained, and encouraged them to sit through a portion of the film almost nobody ever watched.

You can do things different – expected in one way but with your unique twist or turn. This leads you to your way of doing business.

It’s just a start, but you can see where it’s leading. 

The more you are invested in finding your way the more you will discover the impossible is possible for you.

Trying to do it the way others did it or tell you it has to be done will drain your determination and break your spirit. You aren’t designed to do it their way. You are unique. Embrace your uniqueness. Do things your way – which will be different from the ordinary and expected.

The George Costanza way of doing business may not be the exact path you need to take. But dare to take your unique path however that looks!

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