You uncover the unique you when you find ways to push past the stuff of the world. The more you are willing to dream beyond the world limits, the more you will regress back to a place where you have the heart of a child.

The heart of the child provides the secret to the life of the successful man. The problem that most of us face is that the heart of that child was buried with stuff – from responsibilities (both real and perceived), the expectations of others, and the worldly demands . . . and that’s only the beginning of what causes the problem.

You have to be intentional about peeling back the layers of stuff until the unique you is revealed.

Taking Steps to Uncover the Unique You

  1. Remember what you dreamed about when you were too young to know there were limits. Think about what you used to want to be or do when you were just daring to dream. Write down all of them, even the ones that you consider crazy.
  2. Begin to dream again. Most people struggle to remember the childhood dreams, much less to dare to step into it again. Speak the old dreams out loud. Imagine what it would be like to live out that dream. Write a paragraph describing how it would be.
  3. Talk to others. Find out what others are daring to dream. See how their dreams are taking flight. Let their enthusiasm and excitement flow into your heart and ignite your own possibilities.
  4. Ask others. Find people that knew you when and see what they recall about your dreams. Find people that knew you are a variety of times. Some dreams will change. Some dreams will remain. Seek those dreams that remain.
  5. Did into your past. Look over the old annuals, journals, notebooks, or letters. Find what you were writing about and see where the words of your past lead you today.
  6. Think on the things that bring you joy today. Consider what delights and energizes you – in particular those activities and investments that are blessings or benefits to others.
  7. Imagine a world without limits. What if you had all of the time in the world and all of the money in the world, what would you do that would be a blessing to others (and wouldn’t just be about you?

Think on these things. You can find your purpose. You can live that life you dreamed. You can discover who you are designed to be that no other person will ever be designed to fulfill. The more you uncover the unique you and unlock the childhood dreams the stronger and bolder you will be in pursuit of your place in purpose.

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