What You Believe Drives Possibility Living

What you believe makes all the difference in your journey. Your beliefs either drive you into your possibilities or THEY drive you into a ditch.

Where you end up is solely determined by the beliefs you choose to hold on to.


What you believe
your destination.
– Kathryn Lang


What you believe
your destination.
– Kathryn Lang

When I was younger, we took a trip to Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina for the Highland Games. I remember a lot of that trip thanks to the many pictures I took (and that turned out focused). But one thing wasn’t on any of the pictures . . . the Linville Peak.

From the very top of the mountain, you had amazing views of the area, so of course we had to make a trip up there. I remember it like it was yesterday. There were folks hang gliding down that mountain and I was mesmerized by their flight and by the views.

So much so that I didn’t pay much attention walking across the suspension bridge that led over to the peak.

But trust me when I tell you that I paid attention AFTER I got across. Once I realized the depth of the chasm that bridge of twine and twig crossed, I had second thoughts about I was going to get home. How was that dinky little bridge going to keep me from plummeting the mile of space between it and the solid grown below?

Once my belief in the strength of the bridge faltered, all bets were off.

Refocusing Our Shifted Beliefs

When we are walking down our life paths, our beliefs are the most important factor for what we will do in our next step. Beliefs control when we say yes, when we hesitate, and when we sit down on the other side of the bridge and refuse to cross (and yes, I did that).

Look up.

As long as I was focused on the view, the gliders, and the joy of all the new things to experience, I was fine. It was only when I looked down and stayed focused there that I started to struggle with my belief. When you are struggling to shift your belief, start by looking up.

Know the truth.

I ran through a litany of what if situations that would have left anyone’s head spinning. The truth of the situation was that I had walked across the very bridge I was doubting just moments before. Others where walking on it as I doubted. My what ifs didn’t change the reality of the truth – the bridge was safe and secure. When were are seeking the belief to empower our next step, it will ALWAYS be rooted in the Truth. And the Truth is the Truth no matter what circumstances try to say or how many what ifs others throw at it.

Take a step.

Once I took a step on the bridge, I was able to take another step. With each step, I became more determined to take the next step (mainly because I wanted to be on the other side), but partly because each step encouraged me to take the next step. When you need to live out your belief, start with ONE STEP in that direction.

No matter where you want to go, you have to believe in your going if you are going to get there. Once you allow you belief to slip away, you’ll stop.

Don’t stop believing.

Believe in the Possibility of Impossibilities

If you are going to live the ABUNDANT LIFE you were designed to live, then you will have to step out into the impossibilities world say exists. Bold, intentional, purposeful will always look impossible to a world resigned to the ordinary and expected.

I shared recently the importance of hanging around the right people on Inspirations with Ingor. “You can’t talk butterfly to caterpillar people.”

I did a series about learning to talk butterfly on the #GrowingHOPE podcast last year when I realized that the world is all about the caterpillars, but the ABUNDANT LIFE is all about taking flight – or butterfly talk.

If you are going to live out all you are designed to do, you have to get to a place where you believe the impossibilities of the world are your ordinary and accepted possibilities.

First, define what you believe.

You have to know what you believe to stand in it (and to come back to it if you do stray off the path). The best thing about your belief is that it is completely up to you.

Second, determine what it takes to get to your belief.

Sit down and write out all that’s required to get you from point A (where you are) to point B (your belief point). Make a list of all the steps, intentional actions, or stretching you may require in order to get it done. Again, this is up to you so don’t let anyone else tell you what you have to have on your list.

Third, accept what you are willing to give up in order to get there.

When you go all in with your beliefs, you’ll be required to release other things. Count the cost before you start building.

Fourth, break down the belief into little seeds of faith.

Little bits are easier said AND easier done.

Finally, fuel your believing by hanging out with hearts daring to believe their journeys.

You become more like the people you hang out with, so go and find your butterfly people.

What you believe matters. You can believe yourself into staying on the wrong side of the bridge, or you can believe yourself into taking flight. The choice is always yours. When you make the right choice, you unlock the power for what you believe.

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