How to Define Your Way through Creative Entrepreneurship

Define your way or you will give the world the right to define your way for you. Your way doesn’t have to match up with what others say and it doesn’t have to look like what others may do. After all, your way is unique to you.

Being a creative entrepreneur means finding your way to do what you love in a world determined to shove you in a box. Little tips can be key to defining a way that is unique to you.

How to Define Your Way

You are unique

You are unique. It is that simple and it is also that complicated. Because you are unique, you can’t copy what others might do.

You can learn from others. You can watch what others do. You can even listen to what others have to say. In the end, you have to define your way.

The speaker gave great directions on how to reach his level of success. He even provided a bullet point hand out.

I came home and put his bullet points to work, never gaining any traction.

He had created his plan around a large city with an extensive expanded community base. I lived next door to my grade school teacher. The population base for my whole state could have fit into his large city.

What he had that worked for him would not work for me. Some of it could be modified, some of it needed to be tossed, and a few elements could be reconstructed in little bits of progress, but all-in-all it was not the plan for me.

Nor could it have been the plan for me.

It was his plan.

When it comes to creating a plan for your path, you have to take the time to define your way and then merge any elements of other plans or teachings to work within your unique definition.

Define your way to determine your day

Simple Tips to Define Your Way

  • Write a job description. Write out what you see as your job, or what you want your job to be when you reach your desired success. Summarize your job description into a “help wanted” ad. Writing out the job in these ways will clarify what you have defined as your unique way.
  • Write a paragraph or two showing what you will get when you reach your success. Explain how your average day will go when you cross that line. Include images of who is around you or what environment surrounds you.
  • Write a story showing your perfect day. Share the things you would do every day and would never tire of doing (and see if you can keep your focus on being a blessing or benefit to others in that perfect day).
  • Take the time to define your way so that you will know which way you need to go. If you don’t define your way then the world will define it for you (and that never ends well for you).

You are unique in all the world. Dare to live out your uniqueness by determining your way of walking it out.

determine your way

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Quote for Entrepreneurial Success

have a plan for your ingredients

“Without a plan or a recipe, all you have is a bunch of ingredients.”


You have to know what you have and a plan for working with what you have or you will never be in a position to reach your unique design.

Take time today to define what you have.

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