Fruit Bearing Life Lived on Purpose

“I got nothin.” My youngest son made this motto for a couple of years. Every time we called his name he responded with the defense – and it was a sure indicator that he either did have something he should not have had or else had been up to something he needed to avoid.

I find myself falling into that same motto at times. I know what I need to be doing, but I got NOTHIN. I fall so far behind that I forget I am even in the race. I end up just strolling along wondering what it was I was supposed to be doing. Developing a life that has something to show for it requires that I make changes and different decisions.

A life of meaning and purpose – one that bears fruit – comes from a heart that has determined to get things done and then follows through with the actions required to make it happen. Growing a productive life requires just as much time and effort as it takes to grow a garden that produces fruit.

What it Takes to Grow a Fruitful Life

    • Action – without action nothing will ever be accomplished in my life. At some point I have to quit talking and start walking.

    • Attitude – the right thoughts will help prepare the way for those actions that I need to reach my destination. I have to pour in the right stuff to create the right attitude (that means being aware of what I watch, listen to and read).

    • Agenda – I have to know where I am going and what steps I need to take to make it a reality.

    • Assuage – there world spins chaos around me at all times. I have to find a place and a way to make it all still and quiet.

The Proverbs life bears fruit – not just for me but for those that I encounter. The right habits, behaviors and attitudes allow me to be a blessing to others. It may require some heavy lifting, but the investment will make the harvest that much better.

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